Sam ("Slava") Ilachinski
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My dad is, unfortunately, notorious for rarely keeping even what he considers the very best of his work around for any length of time. Thus, it is a sad fact that most of the beauty this humble, brilliant man has created over the years no longer exists, except in the memory of those lucky enough to have gotten a peek before the canvas was painted over, the watercolor destroyed, or sketch unceremoniously thrown out. There have also been only a relatively few (very lucky) individuals who have either received some of his works as gifts or have somehow managed to convince him to sell them some of his art.

While I have always had the pleasure of taking photo slides of my dad's art for his own personal portfolio, it is only now that digital photography and image processing have become readily available that my dad finally has an opportunity to share some of his work and vision with others. It is with my dad's blessing that these images, some dating back many years, are provided here for your enjoyment. May you find them as spiritually nourishing as do all of us that been truly blessed to know this extraordinary artist.

What is most remarkable, is that what appears here represents but a tiny glimpse of my dad's lifelong vision of bringing the cosmos to life...

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